Should I Dry-Clean My Larger Sheets?

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While we wash our clothes regularly, it’s harder to clean some of our household fabrics as often as we’d like. Whether it’s drapery, rugs or bedding, we want all the fabrics in our home to shine. Finding a quality laundry service that provides bedding and drapery cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ can mean all the difference in great bedding and great skin.

As a rule of thumb, you should wash your bedding every one to two weeks. Why? When we sleep, we sweat, especially in Arizona summers (and winters, for that matter). That sweat combines with dead skin cells, oils and saliva. This makes your bed a breeding ground for dust mites, which in turn irritate your skin further.

There are likely a few reasons why you’re avoiding washing your bedding. It can feel like a pain to strip and remake the bed so often. If you have expensive luxury bedding, you may be reluctant to wash it frequently for fear of ruining your nice sheets. You simply may not know how to wash some of the pieces on your bed—after all, how do you wash a throw pillow, or what if your sheets or comforter don’t fit in your laundry machines?

Tips for washing your larger bedding

If you’re going to wash your bedding at home, always double-check the labels before you start. The labels will tell you what products are or aren’t safe to use.

First, you’ll need a washing machine large enough to adequately fit your bedding for proper washing and drying. Wash your bedding on the hot cycle if it is cotton, and warm if it’s a polyester blend. Use a natural or organic detergent to eliminate chemical residue—you don’t want to spend eight hours a night rolling around in chemicals. Always wash on the delicate cycle. When it’s time to dry, set the dryer on low heat and don’t overstuff the drum so the sheets can fluff and dry thoroughly.

While it’s tempting to wash everything at once, never wash sheets with towels and/or clothes, and always separate colors. If you are washing a down comforter at home, don’t use fabric softener, as it will weigh down the feathers and make it less fluffy.

Take your down comforter to a professional

Take your down comforter to a professional cleaning company where it can be laundered, but not dry cleaned. Many dry cleaners have commercial-sized washing machines that will ensure your comforter has enough space to become fully clean and to fully dry. While you could dry clean your comforter, the chemicals in dry cleaning may not be ideal for your particular comforter, but you’ll want to consult with a professional first.

A professional laundry service can help you solve these issues and more (except for making your bed—you still have to make your bed once the sheets are clean). Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry provides full laundry service and drapery cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ. We use only organic, non-toxic solvents to make your bed safe and comfortable. Contact us today to learn how we can help you clean your household fabrics, from bedding to drapery and more.

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