Beware of Bleach!

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When we spill coffee, wine or ketchup on a new white dress, typically our first instinct is to use bleach. Unfortunately, this common household item can also produce the most harm to your clothing. This harmful chemical destroys your favorite clothes and can be extremely dangerous. The process of bleaching makes it obvious why hiring a professional is the most effective way to remove these challenging stains.

The Damaging Process of Using Bleach to Treat Stains

Although many of us were raised to use bleach on tough stains, this typical household agent can tatter your clothing. Many of our ancestors taught us exactly how to remove the stain “safely” with bleach.

Just how simple is it to remove a stain with bleach? The directions for bleaching are daunting. Simply grab your safety mask and rubber gloves, and don’t forget to bleach the stain in a well-ventilated area. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the process of using bleach itself proves that it could be very harmful to use to remove stains?

Our dry cleaning delivery in Scottsdale, AZ doesn’t use bleach. We are a green company and don’t need to gear up for an intense science experiment to get the stains out of your clothing.

The Pitfalls of Bleach

We know that bleach weakens and slowly deteriorates your clothes. In time, bleach also causes your clothes to appear yellow and cancels out your detergent by deactivating the enzymes that clean your clothes.

Colored clothing is completed ruined over time, and your clothes become tatters with the use of bleach. The obvious danger that is so often overlooked is written on the bottle of bleach itself! It’s a heavily corrosive material that can irritate your eyes, skin and respiratory system.

Inhaling bleach can also cause lung deterioration. It’s harmful to children and the environment. Why would anyone want to remove a stain using a product that can produce such terrible side effects and put their family in danger?

Ditch the Bleach and Trust the Professionals

We know better than to monkey with bleach at our dry cleaning service. Our business is unique in that you don’t have to even leave your home. We offer dry cleaning pickup in Scottsdale, AZ for your stained clothes, and return them to you stain-free. With our company, you never have to worry about endangering your clothing or family.

Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry been in business since 1980 and are extremely quality orientated. We know what it takes to get the job done right and get the stains out of your clothes safely. Our dry cleaning pickup in Scottsdale, AZ literally comes to your door and drops off your garments. We use organic cleaners that return your clothing to you in perfect condition. We are mean on stains, but green on the earth!

Bleach is the worst way to remove a stain from your clothing. It completely ruins clothes and it’s dangerous to your health. Our dry cleaning service in Scottsdale, AZ knows how to remove your stain effectively and safely. Contact us today!

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