Can Dry Cleaning Affect Your Health?

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These days, people are more conscious than ever about what they eat and what products they use. With so much concern about chemicals and how different products can adversely affect health, it’s no wonder that many people are turning their attention to dry cleaning. While you might not think much about the actual dry cleaning process, it’s important that you understand what kinds of solvents are used when your clothes are cleaned so that you can make smart decisions about where you get laundry service in Scottsdale, AZ.

What you should know about PERC

The most concerning chemical used in the dry cleaning process is PERC. PERC, or perchloroethylene, is a colorless liquid that is found in an overwhelming number of dry cleaning solvents. Rather than being run through a traditional washing machine, clothes that are dry cleaned are put into large machines and are cleaned with a non-water-based solvent that removes dirt and stains without damaging the material. Even though your dry-cleaned clothes are returned to you completely dry, you will still be exposed to trace amounts of PERC. Even if you don’t have your clothes dry cleaned, you may still be exposed to PERC if you use certain products like stain spot treatments.

PERC is considered by some sources to be a carcinogen, meaning that it may be linked to certain types of cancer. Over the long term, exposure to PERC can lead to a number of serious health conditions, including skin, bladder, lung and colon cancer. PERC exposure has also been connected to nervous system damage and issues with the liver and kidneys. In some cases, PERC can even cause respiratory failure and memory loss, among other symptoms and conditions.

Even though short-term exposure to PERC isn’t usually as severe, it can still cause several disconcerting symptoms. Coming into contact with PERC may cause dizziness, irritation, nausea and even a burning sensation in the skin, throat and eyes.

So, is dry cleaning bad for your health? The answer is that using a laundry service in Scottsdale, AZ that still uses PERC solvents certainly can be bad for you. The good news is that there are non-PERC alternatives out there. Look for a dry cleaner that uses non-toxic products that are safe for you and for everyone who handles your dry cleaning.

Organic laundry service in Scottsdale, AZ

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