How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

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You have to wash your clothes, but what are the best ways to keep your clothes looking new even after washing them or taking them to a laundry service in Scottsdale, AZ? The following are some tips and basic care instructions for keeping your clothes looking new for longer:

  • After a long day at the office, all you want to do is get out of your work clothes. Unfortunately, many people are not taking proper care of their nice work outfits, nor treating them right—throwing garments on the floor or a chair to get wrinkled. What you want to do is let suits, coats, ties and shoes air out for at least 30 minutes before hanging and storing them in the closet.
  • Don’t store clothing in the sunlight, and avoid leaving the closet light on. Cloth dyes are sensitive to all kinds of light, meaning prolonged sunlight and lightbulb exposure can fade fabric colors as it would curtains, sofas and bedding.
  • Your clothes may come into contact with salt used to de-ice outdoor surfaces during the winter months. Regardless of whether you wash the garment at home or take it to the dry cleaners, make sure to brush off any salt beforehand, because salt can cause damage during the cleaning process. Use a cold, damp cloth to wipe off salt, let the clothing air dry and always inform your dry cleaner if the clothing came into contact with salt.

Avoid trying it at home

When a label says “dry clean only,” that means absolutely do not wash it in your home washing machine. If you do, the garment could shrink, discolor or sustain other damage. Additionally, washing machines are built to agitate clothing to ensure they come out clean, meaning your washing machine contributes to faster wear and tear of the fabric. And stains on dry clean only items need to be removed by a professional dry cleaner. They will know how to treat the problem based on the type of fabric and stain.

Dry clean before storing

A lot of dry clean only garments are worm seasonally, such as heavy wool coats for winter wear and light silk dresses worn in the spring. Before packing up and storing your seasonal clothes, be sure they are clean to avoid mold or mildew growth and attracting insects. Not all stains will present right away—including body sweat, body oils, sugary liquids and other clear substances—so always take your seasonal items for a final dry cleaning. Fail to get them cleaned and you run the risk of oxidation, which leads to hard-to-remove brown spots or yellow splotches.

Hang clothes safely

Wide, padded wooden hangers are great for many types of fabrics and garments. They prevent the shoulders of delicate materials from stretching or wearing out, and they help maintain the shape of suits and coats. And, don’t cut off the hanger straps on tops and dresses, as they reduce stress on the hanging garment.

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