How to Wash Different Types of Summer Fabrics

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Summer is here! That means lots of cookouts, pool parties and other outdoor activities. But eventually you’re going to need to clean all those summer materials and fabrics. Some are pretty straightforward—just throw them in the wash like always, and you’re good to go. Some, however, require a bit more TLC and have specific directions on how to keep them looking good.

You could just skip the whole annoyance of washing those summer clothes and leave it to a wash and fold laundry service in Scottsdale, AZ. After all, couldn’t you use that time to do better things? And it would be nice to have peace of mind that your clothes are being well taken care of. Without the help of the pros, you will need to take some steps to ensure those summer fabrics look fresh and clean all season long:

  • Beach towels: It’s pretty easy to forget about the sand that’s built up on a beach towel. Make sure to shake it off thoroughly to get all the sand out. If you don’t, you risk damaging your washing machine. Adding fabric softener is a good idea, too, as you’ll want to keep the towel nice and fluffy.
  • Swimsuits: Unfortunately, washing these in a machine is a no-no. Instead, hand wash them with mild soap and warm water, then rinse with cold water. They also should be air dried, so don’t toss them in the dryer.
  • Cotton: This is a good choice during summer for its breathability. This versatile fabric is a favorite as it comes in pretty much any style and color. It’s very durable, too, so doing a wash with any detergent or bleach is no problem. You can also throw it in the dryer, making sure the machine is on a low setting to avoid shrinking.
  • Rayon: This is a comfortable fabric with a silky feel. However, rayon is very prone to wrinkling. Hand wash in lukewarm water and don’t wring it out to prevent tearing. Instead, leave it soaked and air dry it.
  • Linen: This popular summer fabric can be machine washed, but you need to make sure it’s done in cold or warm water and on the gentle cycle. Here’s another one that benefits from a couple of hours in the sun instead of being put in the dryer.

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