Is Dry Cleaning Safe?

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Dry cleaning has gotten something of a bad rap lately. It’s easy to understand why, with our ever-growing knowledge of the risks of perchloroethylene, the solvent used by most traditional dry cleaners.

Since the 1970s, the health and environmental risks associated with perchloroethylene (known as “perc” for short) have been well documented. Even short exposure to the chemical can cause dizziness and headaches, and exposure to a short intense blast can cause loss of consciousness. And over the long term, the chemical has proven to be highly carcinogenic.

Why hasn’t perc been banned?

Despite these health risks, perchloroethylene has remained the go-to solvent for a long time, because it really works. It’s nonflammable, and dissolves most stains and gunk from clothes quite quickly. Luckily, many states are now coming around to the realization that this chemical needs to be banned, and green dry cleaning methods are being pushed at the state and national levels.

You don’t need to avoid dry cleaning, just look for green dry cleaners

To some degree, dry cleaning is unavoidable. If you have a white-collar job, or simply have beautiful clothes you like to wear out on the town, the dry cleaner is a necessary part of keeping your wools and delicates clean, without shrinking them, and without damaging them.

What’s the difference between conventional and green dry cleaners?

Green or organic dry cleaning methods differ from conventional dry cleaning methods in that, instead of using a chemical solvent, organic dry cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ use a green solvent, such as a hydrocarbon-based solvent (liquefied CO2), or other non-chemical based detergents. Organic dry cleaning methods are generally “wet” cleans rather than traditional “dry” cleans. Special cleaning machinery uses only the smallest amount of detergent and the smallest amount of water to clean the clothing. This limits the use of energy required for the cleaning, and also limits the amount of detergent that is subsequently going into the sewers. As a result, green dry cleaning is not only safer for you, but for the environment as a whole.

It’s estimated that an additional 34 people per 1 million are at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime because of current levels of perchloroethylene in the air. When you use a green dry cleaner, you’re ensuring that those levels will fall over time, making the planet safer for everyone.

How much safer is green dry cleaning?

Green dry cleaning is significantly safer––for you, for the environment and even for your dry cleaner. Traditional dry cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ often face increased instances of cancer, as well as severe skin, hair and nail issues associated with being around perchloroethylene day in and day out. Green dry cleaners have far fewer side effects and live happier, healthier lives. Green dry cleaning is simply the superior, most humanistic choice. If you’re worried about the drawbacks of traditional dry cleaning, we suggest you look for green dry cleaners right away.

At Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry, we have more than 35 years of experience offering green dry cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ. We are an environmentally safe dry cleaner, so you can rest easy knowing your garments are being handled by professionals, cleaned gently and will be safe to wear for as long as you still love them. We value each customer who comes in, and treat them all specially. Come into today, or give us a call and take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service. All in all, we’re one of the most respected dry cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ because we never cut corners, and we go out of our way to keep our customer’s garments clean, using only the most eco-friendly methods available.

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