It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

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Spring has finally arrived, and for most of us, that means it’s time to prepare our homes for the warmer weather with a bit of spring cleaning. This often includes putting a lot of our winter themed home decor items into storage, but it leaves many people wondering about the best time to wash fabric items such as tablecloths or comforters. Depending on your storage system, you might want to wash these items before they’re put into storage so that they’re ready to go come next winter. However, some prefer to wash them at the start of the season, especially if they’re being stored in cold, damp areas of the house, such as a basement.

Regardless of your system, it’s that time of the year where you can expect to be doing a bit more laundry than usual. Before you schedule any laundry pickup and delivery in Scottsdale, AZ, go over this checklist and be sure that you have everything ready to go so nothing is forgotten.

Heavy Quilts and Comforters

One of the most common tasks during spring cleaning is to put away all of the heavier blankets and pull out those that are more suitable for spring and summer. Whether you chose to wash your thicker blankets before putting them away for a few months or you’d rather wash your thinner comforters, few household washing machines can handle such a large load—especially when you consider you’ll need to wash the sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases as well. Scheduling a dry cleaning pickup will ensure not only that your bedding is washed properly, but that you don’t over-stuff your washing machine and end up breaking it.

Winter Coats

Before you hang up your winter coats for good, it’s best to have them dry cleaned so that you’ll be sure to start off with a clean coat when the colder weather rolls around next year. Most coats are dry clean only or come with specific cleaning instructions. Rather than risk ruining your family’s winter jackets, leave it to a professional to handle their cleaning. You’ll be glad you did when the nights start to cool down and you have a clean jacket to wear out.

Winter Curtains

Many households change their window curtains seasonally, as thicker curtains during the winter help to keep the warm air inside the house. Also, come spring people tend to want to look at more floral and pastel designs often made to allow more sun into the rooms. Rather than storing away your dusty winter curtains, spreading allergens all over the bed sheets, pillows and whatever else you’re storing away, have them washed first. You’ll appreciate your decision the next time you have to go rummaging around your storage area looking for something.

Laundry and dry cleaning pick up in Scottsdale, AZ makes getting your dry cleaning done fast and convenient. Available through Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry, our services are all done using organic, non-toxic dry cleaning solvents that ensure we get out any stains while striving to be environmentally friendly. Sign up now for our complimentary pickup and delivery service on our website and see just how easy spring cleaning can be!

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