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Working up a sweat during your workout is a good thing, but the odors and stains this can leave on your clothes are often less than appealing. Keeping your activewear clean and odor-free can be a challenge, especially if you like to hit the gym several times a week. Instead of wasting your money buying new exercise clothes every few months, you can focus on keeping the activewear items you have clean with a little bit of extra care and attention. This guide from your local wash and fold laundry service in Scottsdale, AZ will provide you with a few tips on how to keep your activewear in fresh, like-new condition:

  • Wash activewear right away: One of the best ways to prevent your activewear from holding on to odor after several uses is to wash the clothing right away. This will also help to eliminate bacteria and staining, allowing you to feel fresh at the start of each workout. This will also go a long way toward keeping your activewear in usable condition for a longer time.
  • Pay attention to the label: Most people’s activewear is made of synthetic fabrics, although some people work out in cotton clothing as well. While synthetic materials should only be washed in cold water to prevent shrinkage, odors are removed more easily from cotton fabric when the water is hot. Pay close attention to the washing instructions on the labels of your workout gear to make sure you are doing what is directed to get that particular garment clean, while keeping the material intact.
  • Stay away from fabric softener: While it may be a habit for you to throw a bit of fabric softener into every load you wash, you will want to avoid this with your activewear loads. In addition to reducing the elasticity in your workout items, fabric softener can also trap in the very same bacteria and sweat you are trying to remove.
  • Always air dry: Throwing your workout clothes in the dryer will cause them to shrink when they are exposed to the heat. Activewear material is designed to dry quickly, so setting it out to air dry won’t take long, but if you are in a rush, use the air-only option on your dryer or turn it to the lowest setting for a short period of time. Avoiding the use of the dryer will also help to protect the fabric so that your workout clothes last longer, as they won’t be exposed to the continued agitation of the machine.

If the odor is too strong to rid on your own, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry. Since 1992, we have fought some of the toughest stains on the most delicate of garments, and we will use all of our experience to help bring your activewear back up to par as well. Give us a call to learn about our wide range of dry cleaning and wash and fold laundry services in Scottsdale, AZ today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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