Wardrobe Care Basics: Tips from Your Organic Dry Cleaners in Phoenix, AZ

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What do you see when you look in your closet? Is your wardrobe large and unmanageable? Is it organized and streamlined? To care for your clothing, it’s sometimes necessary to start with the basics from your organic dry cleaners in Phoenix, AZ.

This means simplifying your wardrobe and learning the proper methods to keep your clothing fresh, clean and looking sharp for many seasons to come. Here’s the scoop from your delivery laundry service in Phoenix, AZ.

Step 1: Simplify

While it may be nice to own 36 t-shirts, it’s usually better to own 10 nice ones than dozens of cheap shirts you can’t really use. The final number will be different for everyone, but start by going through your closet and paring down until you are left with the number of items you actually need. Get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit right, is worn or that you don’t really care for but have held onto for various reasons.

You might be surprised at how much better you feel about your wardrobe once you have finished this simplification. You are left with your favorites, and your closet will be more manageable going forward.

Step 2: Study

Now that you have only quality clothes you care about, learn how to keep them in good shape. Read the labels to learn about the recommended care. Do your items require the services of organic dry cleaners in Phoenix, AZ? Your items will last longer if you provide the care they need. Pay close attention to instructions for washing and drying. You may need to invest in a drying rack or two for items that require line or flat drying.

Keep in mind, it might be tempting to throw items in the wash that suggest dry cleaning. While some items may survive this treatment, others will suffer. Don’t hesitate to bring your items to your local dry cleaning service. Delivery laundry service in Phoenix, AZ makes this task easier than ever!

Step 3: Apply

Once you have simplified your wardrobe and studied its care, apply this knowledge to future clothing decisions. Before you purchase an article of clothing, consider its quality and how it will fit in with your current wardrobe. Will the item last? Will you wear it? Be realistic.

Consider its care as well. Look at the label to see how you will care for it to make sure it lasts. Will the item require organic dry cleaning in Phoenix, AZ? Partner with your local dry cleaners to maintain your wardrobe properly and always look your best.

We’re Here to Help

At Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry, we know it can be challenging to provide the proper cleaning and upkeep for your clothing. That’s why we offer delivery laundry service in Phoenix, AZ. When you need to simplify, we are your go-to source. Simply place your dirty laundry in the provided bags, and we’ll stop by twice per week to pick up and drop off your clothing. It’s that easy! Contact our clothing professionals today to get started.

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