What Fabrics Do You Really Need to Dry Clean?

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There are a lot of clothes in your closet, and it’s likely that some of them have a tag that says “dry clean only.” This warning tells people not to wash their clothes with water to avoid causing damage to the fabric. However, some people extend this treatment to other items of clothing, just in case. But not all fabrics need special dry cleaning treatment.

In order to save yourself some money (and to preserve your important fabrics!), it’s important to understand which fabrics really need to be dry cleaned and which don’t. Thankfully, your organic dry cleaners in Phoenix, AZ will know, too, and can launder or dry clean your items appropriately.

Dry clean only fabrics

Fabrics that need to be dry cleaned are often more delicate or have special aspects to them that make regular washing potentially dangerous. Make sure you always have these types of fabrics professionally dry cleaned:

  • Wool: Wool is a very durable fabric, but it does not hold up well in water, meaning washing it normally at home is a big mistake. Warm and hot water can shrink wool garments to the extreme, so dry cleaning is your go-to option for preserving the fabric.
  • Dark silks: Silks don’t always require dry cleaning, but if you wash a dark-colored silk, you run the risk of staining other clothes in your load of laundry. Dry cleaning dark silks ensures that no bleeding and staining can ruin your garment or any others.
  • Delicate synthetics: Synthetic fabrics like chiffon are quite delicate and are known to shrink when washed normally because of the heat. Dry cleaning ensures you don’t get a garment back that’s a few sizes smaller than it used to be.
  • Suede: Suede is a tricky fabric that can develop cracks and shrink when washed in the traditional method. Dry cleaning ensures the pristine look and feel of suede.
  • Beaded fabrics: Fabrics that are beaded or have other embellishments like sequins are much more delicate than normal fabrics because traditional washing could rip the beads off the garment.

In addition to these specific fabrics, you should also have any fabric that is heavily stained treated by the dry cleaners. Some stains are tough to get out, and in your attempt to wash them out, you could actually help them set. It’s best to leave tough stains to the pros.

Fabrics that don’t need dry cleaning

While there are quite a few fabrics that require special attention from organic dry cleaners in Phoenix, AZ, there are many other fabrics that are much easier to wash on your own. Don’t be afraid to toss denim, linen, cotton and durable synthetics like polyester into your own washing machine. Just be careful to read the washing instructions so you don’t wash them on the wrong heat setting or tumble dry and ruin them!

If you’re concerned about ruining your clothes, place them in the trusted hands of a professional! A delivery laundry service in Phoenix, AZ like Organic Dry Cleaners and Laundry can pick up your dirty clothes, dry clean or launder them appropriately and return them to you dried and folded that same week!

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